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Is electronic cigarette better than a cigarette

Cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer and other health complications throughout the world. The affordability of cigarettes has fueled the addiction that has even affected the young people. The high case of addiction has led to the introduction of the electronic cigarette which is supposed to curb the addiction. However, the e-cigarette has its pros and cons, most notably being the high initial cost and it lacks the original taste of the smoke that the smokers crave for.Its convenience allows it to be smoked anywhere, since it does not emit smoke. The safety aspect of the e-cigarette is that, since it does not use real fire, it can not lead to unwanted fires, as is the case with conventional cigarettes. 

An e-cigarette is safer than the traditional tobacco cigarette. this is because an e-cigarette, after use, does not leave a fire burning it is extinguished automatically. the e-cigarette also takes care of the lungs. the smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes is much less in comparison. diseases like lung caner are therefore avoided. however, e-cigarettes are not as affordable as tobacco cigarettes. only a select few can afford them in the society. tobacco cigarettes are very addictive while the e-cigarettes one can control its use and therefore the addiction that could come as a result. e-cigarettes are environment friendly. the smoke that causes air pollution is not there therefore can be used in public places. e-cigarettes are therefore much more effective than tobacco cigarettes.

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